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Ambedkar Centre for Social and Cultural Studies (ACSCS) is built on the earlier Ambedkar Study Centre of Gour Mahavidyalaya which was funded by the University Grants Commission under the scheme called Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India. As the Government of India discontinued the scheme, the academic and other functions of the Centre stopped because of lack of funds.

In 2020 we came up with the plan of reviving the defunct Ambedkar Study Centre. And with minimum financial support from the college, the present centre started its journey. Although the name is changed to widen the focus of its activities, the spirit of enquiry remains the same i.e. to undertake socially and culturally relevant research, spread of Ambedkarite social thinking, mainstreaming the minor discourses in the academic and public sphere.

The Centre has no permanent faculty and works with the interested faculty members of the college to carry out its objectives. However, as we proceed, the Centre hopes to build networks with like-minded academics from the state and across the country to fulfill its aims. The Centre has no permanent office. However, interested persons may contact the office of the Department of English of the college for any queries about it.

The future objectives of Ambedkar Centre for Social and Cultural Studies can be summed in the following way:

Coordinator/ Director

Mursed Alam

Assistant Professor

Qalification: Ph.D.

Advisory Board

1Abdul MatinAssistant ProfessorJadavpur University
2Dr. Anindya Sekhar PurakayasthaProfessorKazi Nazrul University
3Dr. Mahitosh MandalAssistant ProfessorPresidency University
4Dr. Maroona MurmuProfessorJadavpur University
5Dr. Mosarrap Hossain KhanAssistant ProfessorO. P. Jindal University



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