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The Department of Computer Science embarked on its journey in the session 2002-2003 with a modest enrollment of 20 general stream students. Its primary goal was to address the educational needs of the weaker sections of Old Malda block and other districts. The honours course in Computer Science commenced in the 2006-2007 session. Presently, the department boasts three Assistant Professors in substantive posts and three State Aided College Teachers (SACT), providing continuous guidance for the all-round development of students. With a commitment to fostering a holistic learning experience,
the department organizes student seminars each semester to enhance their skills. In addition to these seminars, the department actively conducts special lectures, career counseling programs, and engaging activities such as quiz competitions and group discussions for the benefit of students. Rooted in a collaborative spirit, the department annually collaborates with the Department of Computer Application to publish a wall magazine named “ABACUS”.

The Department of Computer Science places a strong emphasis on instilling ethical values in its students, ensuring that they not only excel in their technical knowledge but also conduct themselves with integrity and responsibility in the professional world.

Committed to enhancing students’ employability, the department goes beyond traditional teaching methods, offering a range of activities and programs that equip students with practical skills, making them industry-ready.

Encouraging a culture of research and innovation, the department actively supports faculty and student research initiatives, contributing to advancements in the field of computer science.

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Mission: Inspiring Minds, Shaping Futures

Our mission at the Department of Computer Science is to nurture an ever-evolving learning environment that champions excellence in higher education, research, and innovation. We are committed to empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary for success in the dynamic field of computer science. Embracing diversity, collaboration, and a commitment to lifelong learning, our goal is to mold visionary leaders and contributors who positively impact the global information society.

Vision: Pinnacle of Excellence in Computer Science Education and Research

Our vision is to stand as a foremost center of academic distinction in Computer Science, renowned for pioneering teaching methods, groundbreaking research, and societal influence. We aim to graduate individuals who not only master the latest technologies but also exhibit critical thinking, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to ethical practices. By fostering a culture of inquiry and collaboration, we strive to make substantial contributions to the progression of computer science, empowering our students to lead and inspire positive transformations in the world.


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Arijit Bhattacharya

Head Of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Application…

The Department of Computer Science and Application started its journey with the college in 2005. Initially it offers only pass course in computer science, later this department started the Hons course also. This department also offers BCA (self financed) course. At present the department has three Assistant Professors, two Govt. approved Part-Time Teachers and one Guest Lecturer. It has one air conditioned Computer Lab with audio-visual facilities , a hardware lab and two dedicated air conditioned class rooms. This department also has departmental wi-fi access.

Some of the best practices of the department are as follows:

Best practices:

Programs Offered & Intake Capacity : 40

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Paper I Honous Question 2011-152019
Paper Ii Honous Question 2011-152019
Paper Iii Honous Question 2013-152019
Paper Vi Honous Question 2008-11 (Practical )2019
Paper V Honous Question 2013-152019
Paper Iv Honous Question 2013-152019
Paper Vii Honous Question 2012-142019
Paper Viii Honous Question 2013-15(Practical )2019
Computer Science Honours – Paper Ii2016
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Student Progression

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