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Year of Establishment: 2010

About The department

The department provides a nice and suitable environment for curious andinventiveyoungsters. Faculty members are available to the students as academic advisor todiscuss courses, chemistry and career opportunities.

The teaching methods employed are in the form of classroomlectures, smartclassroom lectures using power-point presentation and practical classesinthelaboratories. The basic infrastructure available in the laboratoriesareconductometer, pH-meter, potentiometer, spectro-colorimeter, Digital balance, chromatographic apparatus, TLC apparatus, Melting point apparatus, Dryer, multiplesuction pump, Hot air oven, various chemicals and computer server. Besides, Department also have its own library unit.

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Class Diary

Furthermore, the department organizes seminars, where renowned scientistsfromdifferent parts of India deliver scientific lectures to inspire the students andtohelpthem learning the basic footsteps towards an accomplished teaching andresearchcareer ahead.

Every year, our students qualify various M.Sc entrance examinations andpursuingM.Sc in IIT’s as well as in other Universities of repute like Northbengal University, Jadavpur University, and so on.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of academic excellence, sustainable development and effective resource management. We are trying to provide best educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of our students, and empower them to meet and exceed challenges as active participants in shaping the future of our world.

Our Mission

We are committed to give a holistic approach towards education with the aim of creating responsible and sensitive human beings and not just holders of academic degrees. Our department provides students with quality educational experiences and support services that lead to the successful completion of degrees, career guidance and basic skills proficiency. We seek to give need-based and skill enhancing education to cope with the changing requirement of society.

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Dr. Nirajan Kumar Mridha

Head Of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

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Programs Offered & Intake Capacity : 30

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TitleDateView / Download
3rd Sem Hons 20232023
Chemistry_1st Sem_gen_dc – 1_ge – 1 (1)2022
Chemistry_1st Sem_hons_dc – 12022
Chemistry_3rd Sem_gen_dc-ge-3 (1)2022
Chemistry_3rd Sem_gen_dc-ge-3 (2)2022
Chemistry_3rd Sem_hons_dc – 72022
Chemistry_3rd Sem_hons_dc – 5 (2022
Chemistry_3rd Sem_hons_dc – 62022
5th Sem Cemh Sec2022
Ist Sem Gen2022
3rd Sem Gen2022
3rd Sem Hons2022
3rd Sem Hons Dc-72022
3rd Sem Hons Dc-62022
1st Sem Hons Dc-22022
1st Sem Hons Dc-12022
Part-iii Hons 2021 Ix Paper2021
Part-iii Hons 2021 X Paper2021
Part-iii Hons 2021 Xii Paper2021
Part-iii Hons Xi Paper 20212021
Part-iii General V(A+b) Paper 20212021
Envs- Science 212021
Envs- Arts – 212021
Envs- Arts – 212021
Part-iii General Practical Question -20212021
Previous Question Paper 20102019
Part Iii Previous Question Paper 20102019
TitleDateView / Download
Result 1st Semester2020
Ist Sem (Gen) Class Test Result2019
Ist Sem (Hons.) Class Test Result2019
Test Examination Result (Pass), 20192019
Test Examination Result (Hons.), 20192019

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