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All aspects of animal life, ranging from microscopic single-celled protozoa to vertebrates come under the realm of ZOOLOGY. Zoology is a conglomeration of several disciplines such as Genetics, Physiology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Entomology, Freshwater Biology, Fisheries, and Wildlife etc. Hence, it has become the home to a thriving community of researchers who are attracted to the science how whole organisms develop, function, behave, interact and evolve.

Department of Zoology still continues to be the primary choice for the students of Biological sciences.

Department Notice

An International Web-seminarCancer: Molecular Biology &, Artificial IntelligenceOrganized byDepartment of ZoologyIn collaboration with IQAC19th-Sep-2020, 10.00 AM –11.30 AMAn International Web-seminar Cancer: Molecular Biology &, Artificial Intelligence – YouTube

An international web-seminar cancer: molecular biology & artificial intelligence

Nurturing innovations: from academia to societyorganized bydepartment of computer science &, application&,department of zoology22nd-aug-2020, 10.00 am –1.00 pmnurturing innovations: from academia to society – youtube

Nurturing innovations: from academia to society

The department started its journey in the year 2006 with only few B.Sc. General students and with least infrastructure. It has now flourished with more than sixty B.Sc. (Hons), more than hundred B.Sc. (General) students and with six faculties. The Department of Zoology has recently been shifted to a newly constructed Academic Block and is provided with well-furnished classrooms and laboratories.

The Departments proudly treasures a healthy scientific atmosphere among students and teachers. It has very dedicated and helpful non-teaching staff. Through recent academic performances by students, the department has earned reputation from its peers.

Vision Statement

The Zoology Department envisions itself as a vibrant hub for the exploration of the natural world and the promotion of scientific literacy. Despite limited research facilities in our department, our vision is to create an inclusive learning environment that sparks intellectual curiosity and encourages students to become stewards of biodiversity. We aspire to instill in our graduates a sense of responsibility, ethical conduct, and a commitment to the sustainable coexistence of humans and the animal kingdom.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Zoology Department at Gour Mahavidyalaya is to provide a comprehensive and enriching undergraduate education in zoological sciences. We aim to foster a deep understanding of the diversity, structure, function, and behavior of the animal kingdom. Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for scientific inquiry among students, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers and lifelong learning.

Key Objectives

Department Rules


#Establishment and Evolution:
Established in 2006, the Department of Zoology at Gour Mahavidyalaya has evolved into a key player in the region’s academic landscape.

#Dedicated Faculty:
Comprising hardworking and committed faculty members, the department is known for its educators who contribute significantly to the academic and personal development of students.

#Extensive Zoological Specimen Collection:
Boasting a substantial collection of zoological specimens, the department houses a diverse array of biological specimens, contributing to a rich and immersive learning environment for students.

#Spacious Infrastructure:
The department spans across 8 rooms, providing ample space for lectures, practical sessions, and faculty-student interactions. This infrastructure is designed to facilitate a conducive learning atmosphere.

#Modern Laboratory Facilities:
Equipped with modern research facilities, the modern laboratory is designed to enhance the practical learning experience for students. It provides them with hands-on exposure to contemporary techniques and methodologies in zoological research.

#Holistic Student Upliftment:
The department is committed to the holistic development of students. It goes beyond traditional academic boundaries by involving students in various extracurricular activities, ensuring their overall growth and personality development.

#Research Opportunities:
The department actively encourages research activities among both faculty and students. This focus on research contributes to the advancement of zoological knowledge and provides students with opportunities to engage in meaningful scientific inquiry.

#Community Engagement:
Recognizing the importance of community outreach, the department engages in initiatives that connect zoological studies with the broader community. This approach enhances students’ understanding of the realworld applications of their academic pursuits.

#Collaborations and Networking:
Actively seeking collaborations with other educational institutions and research organizations, the department fosters a network that enriches the academic experience for both faculty and students. This collaborative spirit contributes to the overall growth of the department.

#Commitment to Excellence:
The Department of Zoology at Gour Mahavidyalaya is committed to maintaining high academic standards, fostering a culture of excellence in both teaching and research. This commitment positions the department as a beacon of quality education in the region.


Curriculum Plan

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Head Of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Zoology

This society aims to foster a holistic approach among the students towards their future. We intend to make the students see the world with open arms and eyes; not only through books. The Society regularly arranges special lectures and seminars to introduce them with real life problems (e.g.: Vector borne diseases, Female feticide, Tobacco associated problems etc.), to expose them to the intellectual and scientific world essential for advanced research with an interdisciplinary approach. Our Niche regularly visits nearby places to know the nature, society – the niche in an intense manner. Some Useful websites for ONLINE COURSES & STUDY MATERIALS

Programs Offered & Intake Capacity : 30

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cnidaria and ctenophora 1 st sem
Classification of Nerve 3 rd sem
Cell Organelles 3 rd sem Dc5
Breathing Material 3 rd sem
Blood Note 3 rd sem
Biochemistry Carbohydrate Metabolism (1)
Hormone Dc11
Heart beat regulation 3 rd sem
Heart beat regulation 3 rd sem
Entamoeba 1 st sem
Blood All Practicals
Dissolved Oxygen
Ecology Practical quadrate-pages-53-58
জীবের শ্রেনিবিন-WPS Office 1 st sem
The six kingdom-WPS Office 1 st sem
প্রোটিষ্টা-WPS Office 1 st sem
TitleDateView / Download
1st sem 2021- feb 22 exam b.Sc zoology questions2022
3rd sem 2021- feb 22 exam b.Sc zoology questions2022
5th sem 2021- feb 22 exam b.Sc zoology questions2022
2022 old syllabus2022
1st sem dc1&2 20192020
3rd year zoology 2020 paper ix-xiii2020
1st & 2nd year all hons theory 20202020
1st year general theory2020
1st 2nd 3rd sem gen 2020 questions2020
Zoology 2018 questions, university of gour banga2019
Useful web resources for laboratory exercises2019
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