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The Department of Arabic focuses on literature, Language, Indo-Arab culture and social justice to develop biological interests among students and faculty members. The department offers two honors and general courses. By studying Arabic our students gain complete knowledge of reading formal classical as well as modern Arabic, which will undoubtedly assist students in their academic research and career. They can produce well-researched written works using appropriate evidence-based argument, logical structure, correct grammar and proper references. 

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Ict tools and online classes 2020-21

He Internal Exam would be held online. The date of the exam would be announced shortly…

Ibne khaldun as a founder of islamic social history

B.A part -I honours result 2020

B.A part -I honours result 2020

World arabic language day

World arabic language day

B.A part -iii honours result 2019

Our explicit objective is to promote higher education and learning in the field and with successive batches of students regularly attending classes and completing the course, this target has been satisfactorily met by the Department. Our students attend different universities and earn master degree in Arabic.
The Department is committed to the vision and mission of the College and takes special care for students from weaker sections of society.

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Sk Mainuddin

Head Of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Arabic

The Department of Arabic started its journey with the college in 2013.At present the Department has three Lecturers (SACT). We are aware that most of our students come from the rural areas and we are committed to help them nurture their critical appreciation of literary and cultural issues and guide their intellectual journey. We encourage and guide our students to develop proficiency of Arabic language and literature. The faculty members show their concern and care for these mainly who belong to backward section and marginalized in society. Our vision is to enable them to come back into mainstream of society.

Programs Offered & Intake Capacity : 60


CBCS Arabic Honours Syllabus

There will be six semester in the three year B.A. Honours Programme in Arabic. The curriculum consists of 14 Discipline Core (DC), 8 Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) [To be taken 4 courses], 4 Generic Elective (GE) [For other than Arabic Honours Students], 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory (AEC) and 2 Skill Enhancement Course (SEC). Each Course (Paper) carries 50 Marks & one Credit stands for one hour per week.


  1. The medium of questions will be bilingual – Arabic & English.
  2. Internal Assessment carries 18 marks in each papers – 4 marks for attendance & 6
    marks for Written Test/Viva voce/Oral Expression/etc. and 8 marks tutorials.
  3. Places where the language is not specified, students may give their answers in any
    one of these three languages – Arabic, English & Bengali.

CBCS Arabic General Syllabus

There will be six semester in the three year B.A. General Programme in Arabic. The curriculum consists of 4 Discipline Core (DC) A, 4 Discipline Core (DC) B, 2 Language Core (LC1) Bengali/Modern Indian Language (MIL), 2 Language Core (LC2), 4 Discipline Specific Elective (DSE), 2 Generic Elective (GE), 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory (AEC) and 2 Skill Enhancement Course (SEC). Each Course (Paper) carries 50 Marks & one Credit stands for one hours per week.

  1. DC-A & DC-B are two different subjects. Students may choice any one as DC-A or DC-B.
  2. Students have to take only 2 DSE courses – A1 or B1 in Semester V & A2 or B2 in Semester VI.
  3. The GE Courses for the students who do not take Arabic as Discipline Core (DC) Subject.

Course Structure

Today, the Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language in the world and is also among the United Nations (UN) sixth official languages. It is spoken by more than 400 million people spread across more than 24 countries around the world.

The opportunity to learn Arabic will allow students in a better light of interacting and blending positively into the Arabic culture – relating easily with millions of Arabs across the globe. Student’s ability to understand and speak Arabic will open doors to countless opportunities for students. Presently, there is a lot of demand for Arabic language speakers. For instance, many companies are on the lookout for Arabic speakers in the KPO, BPO, Aviation, Tourism sectors all over India. The reason is that most of the companies are involved in colossal business dealings with the Gulf region.

After learning Arabic, Students can work as a professional Faculty, Trainer, Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, Proof-reader, Editor, Researcher, Content writer, either on Government or at any non-government organizations. It was introduced in Indian Civil Services examination in 1963 for the first time. And it became an optional subject to be taken at the preliminary stage of the test from there onwards.

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Sem-1, 2022, dc-12023
Sem-5, 2022, dc-112023
SEM-5, 2022, DC-122023
Sem-5, 2022, dse-1a/b2023
Sem-5, 2022, dse-2 a/ b2023
Sem-2, 2022, dc – 32022
Sem-2, 2022, dc – 42022
Sem-4, 2022, dc – 82022
Sem-4, 2022, dc – 92022
Sem-6, 2022, ge dc – 42022
Sem-4, 2022, dc – 102022
Sem-5 2022, dc -112022
Sem-5, 2022, dc -122022
Sem-5, 2022, dse-1a2022
Sem-5, 2022, dse-2a2022
Sem-5, 2022, sec-1a2022
Sem-6, 2022, dc-132022
Sem-6, 2022, dc-142022
Sem-6, 2022, dse-32022
Sem-6, 2022, sec -22022
Sem-6, 2022, dse-42022
Sem-6, 2022, dse-42022
3rd semester exam,2021 dc-72021
1st semester examination,2021 paper- dc-72021
5th semester examination,2021, paper -dc- dse- 1 a & b2021
Part – I (h) paper code – I a&b 20212021
Part – ii (h) paper code – iii a&b 20212021
Part – ii (h) paper code – iv a&b 20212021
Part – I (h) paper code – ii a&b 20212021
Part -I arabic genaral paper- I- a& b (g)20212021
Semester-ii,2021 (hons) paper code- dc-iii2021
Sem-3, 2022, dc – 62021
Sem-3, 2022, dc -72021
Semester-ii,2021 (hons) paper code- dc-iv2021
Communicative bengali,paper code bngc -aec-22021
Sem-I,2020 dc-ii2021
Sem-I,2020 (hons) env,aec-12021
Semester-iii,2021 (hons) paper code- dc-v2021
Semester-ii,2021 (hons) paper code- dc-vi2021
Semester-ii,2021 (hons) paper code- dc-vii2021
Arabic honours 2019-2020 1st semester dc-12020
Arabic honours 2019-2020 1st semester dc-22020
Arabic honours paper code – v- a& b (h)(n)2020
Arabic honours paper code – vi- a& b (h)(n)2020
Arabic honours paper code – vii- a& b (h)(n)2020
Arabic honours paper code – viii- a& b (h)(n)2020
Arabic genaral paper code – iii- a& b (g)(n)2020
Envs part iii honurs arts2020
Arabic genaral paper code – ii a & b supplimentary2020
Envs part iii genaral arts2020
Arabic honours paper code – v to viii (a & b) 20182018
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Programme-Specific Outcome & Course Outcome

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Student Progression

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