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Good food and nutrition are vital to good health and wellbeing, and reduce the risk of disease. Healthy eating means choosing the right food and knowing how much to have.
This is an innovative interdisciplinary course which combines components from Diet Therapy and Counselling, Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Food Microbiology, Food Preservation, Public Health, Community Nutrition, Epidemiology, Sports Nutrition, Health and Nutrition Education, Food Fermentation.

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This course is about the science behind nutrition which can improve the nutritional status of populations. The curriculum explores the role of therapeutic diets in the treatment of chronic illnesses and other nutritional disorders, highlighting the principles of the nutrition care process as applicable in a primary care setting. There is an opportunity to learn key nutrition assessment techniques and intervention strategies that will assist students in providing comprehensive health care to the patients.
The students receive basic theoretical and practical training in three major areas, viz. Public Health Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science and Quality Control that will enable them to choose one of these as their specialized career in future.


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Welcome to the Department of Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition are essential aspects of human health and well-being. A bachelor course in food science and nutrition can equip you with the knowledge and skills to understand the relationship between food, nutrition, and health, and to apply this knowledge in various fields such as food production, food safety, food quality, food service, public health, dietetics, and research.
Some of the reasons why you should study food science and nutrition are:
A bachelor course in food science and nutrition can also provide you with a strong foundation for further studies and research in related fields, such as food engineering, food biotechnology, food microbiology, food chemistry, food physics, food law, food policy, food security, food ethics, food culture, food sociology, food psychology, food anthropology, food economics, food marketing, food journalism, food art, food design, and more.
If you are interested in food and nutrition, and want to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of people and the planet, then a bachelor course in food science and nutrition might be the right choice for you.

Programs Offered & Intake Capacity : 40

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Food & Nutrition (General) GE22023
5th Sem 2023 Question2023
3rd sem question2023
Food & Nutrition(General) GE22023
Food & Nutrition(General) GE12022
Food and nutrition (honours),3rd yr2020
Food and nutrition (honours), 3rd yr x
Food and nutrition (honours),3rd yr, xi
Food and nutrition (honours),3rd yr, xii
Food and nutrition (honours),3rd yr xiii
Food and nutrition (honours),semester-I, dc-1
Food and nutrition (honours),semester-I, dc-2
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Result Sheet 20192019

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