Gour Mahavidyalaya

Dr. Tilak Kumar Pal

Academic Qualification :

B.SC. Mathematics Honours, Gangarampur College.
M.Sc. Pure Mathematics, University of Gour Banga
Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Gour Banga

Professional Experience :

Department of Mathematics , Mangalbari, Malda

Lives in Malda , July 2017- Present

Additional Skill : * Examiner and Paper Setter in University of Gour Banga.

Specilization : 

1. Fluid dynamics,

2. Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation,

3. Numerical Analysis,

Research interests :

  1. Fluid Dynamics
  2. Bioheat Transfer
  3. Blood Flow

Publications :

  1. T. K. Pal, S. Das, R.N. Jana, B, Giri, Significance of Hall currents on hybrid nano-blood flow through an inclined artery having mild stenosis: Homotopy perturbation approach, Microvascular  Reseach, (Elsiver), 137 (2021) 104192,  Science Citation Index (SCI).
  2. T. K. Pal, S. Das, R.N. Jana, B, Giri,  Ascendancy of electromagnetic force and Hall currents on blood flow carrying Cu-Au NPs in a non-uniform endoscopic annulus having wall slip, Microvascular  Reseach, (Elsiver), 138 (2021) 104191,  Science Citation Index (SCI). 
  3.  T. K. Pal, S. Das and R. N. Jana, Outlining Impact of Hybrid Composition of Nanoparticles  Suspended in Blood Flowing  in an Inclined Stenosed  Artery Under Magnetic Field Orientation,  BioNanoScience(Springer), Vol. 11, Page-95-115, 2020,
  4. T. K. Pal, S. Das and R. N. Jana,  Electromagnetic Hybrid Nano-Blood Pumping via Peristaltic Through an Endoscopic Having Blood  Clotting in Presence of Hall and Ion SlipBioNanoScience(Springer) 2021.

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