Gour Mahavidyalaya

Practical examination for 3rd and 5th semester honours and general 2022

All the students of 3rd and 5th semester honours and General are asked to attain the practical examination will be held on 2nd February 2022 from 11am onwards by the following schedule….. ,3rd semester honours…….. ,DC -5. (11.00-12.00)  , DC-6(12.00-1.00) DC-7(1.00-2.00)3rd semester general.. ..(11.00-12.00)5th semester honours……DC-11(11.00-12.00)  ,DC-12(12.00-1.00) DSC-1(1.00-2.00) DSC-2 (2.00-3.00)5th semester general….. (11.00-12.00)

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