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Bengal Film Screening

Concept Note

Cinema is the visual mode of communication. As a medium of communication, cinema has intimate connection with literature. Many film directors have also made movies based on literary texts and many literary writers and poets wrote film scripts and lyrics. The proposed workshop provides the students an opportunity to learn about movie-making from an independent fim-maker. This objective is to encourage them to learn about the art of cinema and appreciate its relation with literature.

Objective of the Seminar

As already stated the objective of the seminar is to-

1. Acquaint the students with the techniques of movie making
2. Discuss the relation between cinema, literature and society
3. Provide the students a rare opportunity of interacting with a film-maker.

Invited Speakers and Topic

Sourabh Sarkar, Independent film-maker and Critic

Outcome of the Seminar

The workshop was a huge success as it achieved its stated objectives. The invited speakers Sourav Sarkar made us acquainted with the dynamics of movie making through a rare opportunity of screening and explaining the various scenes from his own short movies. The movies were also replte with an important message of the need for understanding the young generations and children by their parents. One particular movie also highlighted the neglect of the elderly by society. Thus, the workshop not only helped the students understand cinema but also helped generate consciousness about pressing social issues of our time.

Brochure,  Schedule and Snippets of of the Seminar


Introducing the Realation between Cinema asnd Literature: Dr. Mursed Alam 11-11.15 AM
Fim-making: Art and craft- Sourav Sarkar, 11.15-12 Noon

Screening of Movie-Anuchharito
Screening of Movie-The Human Juncture
Concluding Remarks:Dr. Arun Pramanik
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