Gour Mahavidyalaya

Dr. Pulak Kr. Kundu

Professional Experiance :

The department of History , Mangalbari

Lives in Malda , January 1986 -Present

Education : M.A., Ph.D

Specilization : Areas of Research Interest:Political History,Numismatics, Social History, Disease and Medicine.

Participation in the Different Academic Programmes :

  1. Orientation( N.S.S) -9.9.1991to 21.9.1991-Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission, Lok Siksha Parishad
  2. Refresher( N.S.S)- 21.7.1998 to25.7.1998-Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission, Lok Siksha Parishad.
  3. Trainers’ training  on AIDS- UTA–8.7.2002 to 10.7.2002-Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission, Lok Siksha Parishad.
  4. Refresher course-18.3.2003 to 22.3.2003-Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission, Lok Siksha Parishad.

Workshop :

  1. Workshop on “Role of N.S.S. in Disaster Management”.  –  16.12.2005-University of North Bengal
  2. NAAC-Vision2021-26.4.2017-Gour Mahavidyalaya
  3. National level  Workshop:-Gour Mahavidyalaya, 31.11.2018 to 1.12.2018-“Recent Advances and Current Trends in Chemistry “.
  4. “ UG CBCS Syllabus for History”-28.3.2019-University of Gour Banga

Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia (iv) Participation in Conferences/ seminars etc, Publication etc :

  1. “Indian Deities on Bactrian and Indo- Greek Coins”-The Journal of the Numismatic Society of India, Volume-XLIV,1982.
  2. “The Harijan Community of Malda District”(Jointly)-Book “ Situating Dalits in The Post Colonial India,Their Voices, Opportunities and Empowerment”, Edited by Dr. P.Sen, Gour Mahavidyalaya Publication, 2014, ISBN:13-978-81-920386-5-0.
  3. ”Disease and Medicine in Colonial India(1757-1947)”-Abacus: A Journal of Multi DisciplinaryStudies,Department of Computer Science and Application,GourMahavidyalaya,A peer Reviewed and Referred Multilingual Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume.-1, Issue.-1, August,2015,ISSN.-2454-3233,2015.
  4. ”Medieval India: Disease and Medicine(1550-1757A.D.)- Gour Mahavidyalaya Journal of  Humanities and Social Science, Volume.- 1,Issue-II, November, 2016,ISSN.-2454-2113..
  5. “Disease in the Ch

Members Of Committee :

  1. Member of the NAAC- screening committee , Gour Mahavidyalaya.
  2. Member of Purchase and Finance Committee.
  3. Member of E- tender committee.
  4. Member of Academic council, Gour Mahavidyalaya.
  5. Member of Teachers’ Council, Gour Mahavidyalaya.
  6. Member of Admission Committee , Gour Mahavidyalaya.
  7. Member of IT- Committee, Gour Mahavidyaya.
  8. Member of Anti ragging Committee, Gour Mahavidyaya.
  9. Member of MHRD committee, Gour Mahavidyalaya.               
  10. Member of Admission Committee, Gour Mahavidyalaya.               
  11. Convener, Disciplinary Committee, Gour Mahavidyalaya.

Additional Skills :

a) Examiner and Paper setter of any University : Examiner and Paper Setter in UGB.

B) Counselor of any distance University : NIL

C) Perform some confidential works of SSC : Examiner SSC.

D) Counselor of any Entry in Services Coaching Classes: Remedial Coaching Class in GM

E) Member of College’s

any committee. :

1. Coordinator, IQAC, Gour Mahavidyalaya.

2. Program Officer, NSS. UNIT-I

F) Academic Coordinator of any study Centre: NIL Teaching Areas: History (Ancient India,Medieval India, Rise of Modern Europe, and Contemporary World). Areas of Research Interest:Political History,Numismatics, Social History, Disease and Medicine. Any other achievement and roles played actively: Coordinator, IQAC.

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